My name is Michael Elmore and I am seeking your vote to continue being the Sheriff of Addison County. I was born in Middlebury and have spent the majority of my life here in Addison County. I graduated from MUHS in 2012 and attended Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC where I earned a degree in Criminal Justice, graduating in 2016. While in college, I spent almost 4 years working as a security officer for the University, becoming a Master Patrolman (mid level supervisor). After graduation, I worked as a security guard at the Shelburne museum as well as a security guard through a contractor for various Federal buildings in the northern part of Vermont. In 2017, I married my college sweetheart, Rose, and we began living together in Addison. Shortly before we got married, I started my career in law enforcement after being hired by the Addison County Sheriff's Department. I attended the Level 2 (or "part time") police certification course in June of 2017, and continued my training over the next few months. In February of 2018, I attended the level 3 (or "full-time") 16-week certification course at the Police Academy in Pittsford. After rising through the ranks at the Department, I ran for Sheriff in 2022. I was successfully elected and was sworn in as Sheriff in February 2023. Since then I have worked hard to improve the Sheriff's Department to serve Addison County. Please consider reelecting me as Addison County Sheriff so I can continue to serve our great County.