Julie Coons

Wife of Former Addison County Sheriff Jim Coons

I am writing in support of Michael Elmore in his candidacy for Addison County Sheriff. As spouse of a previous, long-term Sheriff, I have a very good understanding of what it takes to be successful in this role. Michael brings years of experience and a college degree in Law Enforcement to this work, in addition to a positive, professional attitude. He has strong family values and an unwavering work ethic. As Sheriff, Michael will be dedicated to serving the community with both technical and people skills. I strongly encourage you to cast your vote for Michael Elmore.

Jeanette Willey

Business Manager for Addison County Sheriff’s Department

Here we are at election time for a new Sheriff for Addison County. I have had the opportunity to watch Michael Elmore manage the entire Sheriff’s Department for several months now. When called upon, he slipped into that position flawlessly. Mike is a born leader. The deputies follow his lead and together they are a great team. Having worked for 3 of the last Sheriff’s in Addison, the qualities required for this job are prevalent in Mike. When you cast your vote on November 8, 2022 for Michael Elmore for Sheriff, you will have made the best choice. He will work for you, the residents of Addison County.

John Wetzel and Samantha Isenberger

Ripton Residents

We are writing to encourage you to vote for Michael Elmore for Sheriff. Not only because he is already functionally running day-to-day of the sheriff department, but also because of our direct experience with him the past year. To make a long story short, we had an issue that required police intervention, involving a mental health issue that compromised the safety of our family. While many deputies were helpful in our situation, Sgt. Elmore became our main contact. Throughout it all, he was considerate and honest in communication with us. He never left a phone call or email unanswered, and followed up when he said he would. In these days where there’s a gap in policing and mental health care in our system, Sgt. Elmore did not just say “sorry we cannot do anything about it.” Instead, he demonstrated patience, thoroughness, and determination to do what we had often taken for granted … to help us feel (and be) safe in our own home.

Dean George

Vermont State Police (Ret.)

I hope you will join me in supporting Michael Elmore for Addison County Sheriff in the upcoming Election. Michael grew up in Addison County and graduated from Middlebury Union High School, followed by continuing education at Bob Jones University where he earned his degree in Criminal Justice. Michael has always been focused on Law Enforcement as a career choice and has continued that goal by attending the Vermont Police Academy and serving in the Addison County Sheriff's Department for the past 5 years. Recently, Michael has taken on more responsibility by handling day-to-day activities of the Sheriff's Dept. and has been recognized for his dedication to serving the needs of the residents of Addison County and developing a cooperative relationship with the other Law Enforcement Departments in the County. He understands the importance of Modern Community Poling objectives and how best to manage the limited resources available to provide the best services possible for Addison County Residents.

Robert Wesley

Current Addison County Deputy Sheriff

There are two purposes to me writing this, the first is to offer my full support to Mike Elmore is his bid to become the next Sheriff of Addison County. The second is to shed some light on who Mike Elmore is as a person for those of you that might not be too familiar with him. - Mike is one of the most honest and genuine people I have ever met. I have never once seen Mike waiver from his values in anyway. - I’m sure you’ve heard the term “age is just a number” which is usually reserved for someone of my age (57) who always says they feel younger inside than their actual age. But in Mike’s case it works in the opposite direction. Mike is far beyond his age of 27 in professionalism, respect and leadership than his age might suggest. Although I have 30 years on Mike I have never once had an issue in taking direction from him. - One the most important lessons I’ve learned in law enforcement did not come from the Academy as great as they have been in preparing me for my job. It did not come from all the continuous education that is required. It came from riding with Mike one day on patrol when a call came over the radio about a missing 12 year old girl. We happen to have been in the town of the call and within 5 minutes located the girl sitting on the ground in the corner of a baseball dugout. Looking back now when I was standing over her in full uniform I must have looked scary to her. The first thing Mike did was sit down getting on her level introducing himself starting the conversation. Within 10 minutes she was reunited with her family. I remember driving away saying to myself “Thanks Mike you just taught me an important lesson and don’t even realize it”. - I’ve also have been roadside with Mike having to make an arrest on an individual with an outstanding warrant. I’ve been on numerous search warrants with Mike including one of our last taking 10 firearms off a convicted felon. I’ve seen Mike deal with an individual that needed a mental evaluation after smashing out the window of one of our vehicles. So not only does Mike have the compassion as shown with the lost girl he also has the grit to quite frankly get the job done no matter the situation. - Lastly, I want to say how proud I am to be working with Mike, proud to see the growth he has shown. Yes, Mike is my boss, perhaps having some people believe is the reason for this letter. But the truth is I not only think of Mike as my boss but even more importantly a friend. As a friend I want to see him succeed and excel at his new venture. - So, when you go to the polls in August please vote for Mike Elmore as your next Sheriff of Addison County, you can be proud doing so.

CJ Campbell

Vermont State Police (Ret.)

I am writing this letter to voice my unwavering support for Mike Elmore in the upcoming race for Addison County Sheriff. I am a retired Trooper and have worked in and around Law Enforcement for more than a quarter century. In that time, I have had the great honor to work with men and women who possessed great commitment to serving their communities and displayed the highest of moral integrity. In my experience none have shown greater dedication to these ideals than Mike Elmore. The experience Mike has gained by taking on greater and greater responsibilities within the Sheriff’s Department will allow him to hit the ground running and allow service to the various towns and citizens of Addison County to continue without interruption. As the only police officer running for the position, Mike is uniquely situated to understand the needs of the community, the welfare of the Department, and the best way forward to work in partnership with other community organizations. The quiet and steady leadership Mike has shown in hard times speaks to his ability to problem solve and overcome obstacles, but just as important is the same type of leadership he shows when times are not so hard. It is the same quiet and steady approach, a commitment to doing the right thing tempered by compassion and kindness that assures me he is the right man for the job. I have no doubt that as Sheriff Mike Elmore will serve the citizens of Addison County, work daily to keep them safe, be a strong partner to and leader within the community, and an example of decency, values, and compassion we can all be proud of. Please join me is supporting Mike Elmore for Addison County Sheriff.