By working closely with the other agencies in our community, we can work together to problem solve and continue to keep Addison County safe. Training with and building relationships with the other Police Departments in the county is a key part to accomplishing our missions and goals. Having open lines of communication helps to not only keep our officers safe, but allows us to keep our County safe too. If we are able to easily share information and resources, we can more effectively do our jobs. Staffing across the State for Police Departments is low, and in some areas, critical. Addison County is not immune to this, as I know several departments, including the Sheriff's Department, have openings that need filled. Working together, we can help cover those gaps so that the residents of Addison County are not negatively impacted by the staffing needs of the departments in our area.

I also want to build relationships with our medical and fire personnel that we interact with at the incidents we respond to together. Often, Deputies are responding to emergencies along with these other first responders. If our Deputies can have an opportunity to Train in how to deal with certain types of medical and other emergencies calls, I feel that this would also be extremely helpful to these agencies as their personnel are stretched thin. By building relationships with these other departments, we can help them to do their jobs more effectively too.

Mental health incidents are on the rise across the Nation, and also right here in Addison County. By working with the teams in the County that are trained in how to deal with people experiencing a mental health crisis, we can learn how to get better at recognizing mental health issues and how to help the people that are struggling. Through our training and experience, I want our Deputies to be well equipped to help people get the help that they need to keep themselves and others safe. 

Building relationships with community members is the most important piece of all. By gaining the trust and support of the people that we serve, it creates a relationship between our department and all of you that allows us to effectively listen to the needs of the community and respond appropriately. As Sheriff, I will want the Deputies to be approachable and friendly toward anyone that needs help. Taking the time to listen and show that we care is an effective way to build better relationships with our community.